Multiple conditional statements A or B or C then D

I am a little stuck on this one. I think there must be an easier way then the way I’m trying.

I have a text box (A) with a value (number). If this textbox (A) Value is 2, I would like the other text box (B) to display the number 20 or if the text box (A) is 3, I would like the other text box (B) to display the number 30. etc. I would like this to happen without any action like button click if possible .

Can this be done at a data base level? For instance, If a user has a field that is 2 can it automatically change the other field to 20. and/or if this users field changes to a 3 can the other field change to a 30…


Text elements only display values

Try nesting each text element inside a group
Set this group to be of type text and set it’s data source as needed
Set the nested text to display parent group’s text
Set the conditions of the different texts as needed

ok ill try that out. thanks for the advice.

how about the second part about making the data base change fields based on 1 field. similar to the text but with the database. Is this possible?

Yes, there is a Workflow > Element > When a input’s value is changed - workflow action that will allow you to save back to the database or do anything else you need to do.

Note: you must use an input field, not a text field