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Hi all,

I am currently trying to setup a job board that gives users an option to “Feature” a job. In the workflow, if a checkbox is checked then I want a field called “Featured” of type Date to be set to the current date+7 days.

Unfortunately I can seem to get this working and wonder if anybody can provide any advice?

Here is what I have so far



You mean the value of Featured doesn’t change? (Are you sure? How do you know?)

Are you sure that the checkbox (“featured”) is the one you think it is? Are you sure it’s checked? (Set a breakpoint on that workflow step and examine that condition’s value.)

Does your workflow actually execute? (Are you sure? How do you know? One way of knowing: set a breakpoint on that workflow step or Run Slow.)

How are you examining the Job’s Featured value? Are you looking at the right Job? (Are you sure? How do you know?)

Are you sure you are not changing that Job’s Featured back after having changed it, or otherwise initializing it to null yourself?

As @Keith mentioned, select ‘add a breakpoint…’ and remove ‘only when’. If the data appears in your database, then the checkbox isn’t the good one. The step by step process will say’s the value of ‘Parent group s Job’ and the checkbox state.

Also, I seen when a ‘Send email’ failed, it can stop all the process. Maybe that too? Best option is to examine the LOG.

Thanks so much for all the suggestions :pray:

I’ve done some further testing as suggested and it seems the issue might be caused by the fact I am doing this via a popup as the data might not be getting passed correctly. I trialled this by running the workflow without the popup and it worked fine.

However as far as I can tell, the popup is setup to receive the correct data. The popup is set to:

Type of content : Job

And then I’ve created a group that the button that triggers the workflow is in. The group is set to:

Type of content: Job
Data source. Parent group’s job

I’ve got the same setup for all my other popups and it works fine so not sure why it won’t work here??? :

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