Simple Workflow to display an element not working

I have a really simple workflow attached to a button that just displays a popup for further input. When I click the button to run the workflow, nothing happens.
The Button’s called “Create New Menu Item” and when I click it, the WorkFlow is supposed to display a “PopUp ProductInput” and then set the focus to “Product Name” so nothing tricky. It just doesn’t work though and I can’t see why. Is this a bug or a “picnic” (problem in chair, not in computer)?
Many thanks

Can you post a screenshot of your workflow?..

Hope this helps
The only other thing that occurs to me is that I read that the freebie accounts (which I’m using as I’m still experimenting with Bubble) have started limiting “Things” to 200. I don’t know what “Things” means in this context but I’m wondering if functionality will be stopped if this limit is reached.

‘Things’ is what Bubble calls database entries - so on the free plan you can only store 200 entries in your database. So it won’t affect functionality in any way.

I can’t see anything obviously wrong from what you’ve posted, as far as I can see the popup should be showing.

It might pay to run through debugger step by step to see what’s happening (or not happening) when your button is clicked.

Is the button itself clickable?

OK, well this is really embarrassing and I’m so sorry. As my penitence, I’ll tell all what I did other than being a total moron.
Everything works fine. There is no bug. My PopUp was loading correctly but it was a tiny fraction smaller than a PopUp that was already onscreen and I didn’t have an action to hide that one so it was loading but was hidden. Being a numpty, I didn’t spot it and spent a good couple of hours deleting buttons and workflows and scratching heads. Sorry folks. Lesson learned.
So PICNIC. Problem was most definitely In Chair and NOT In Computer.
Man, I’m mortified. I’m that user today! :roll_eyes:

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We’ve all been there.


BTW, I believe this is actually a bug, as new popups should appear on top of any existing popups. It’s been mentioned a number of times on the forum going as far back as 4 years. I don’t know that anyone’s ever bothered to report it, however, so folks just keep working around it. :neutral_face:

In my defence, I did wonder whether the latest popup should load on top so I’m relieved to read this report of it being a bug. I’m still embarrassed how long it took me to spot something so simple though. Good to know this could be fixed in future but the workaround is simple.

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