Makes Me Think Community App

Hi there! It’s finally time to present my Bubble App:

It’s a collection of small free services.
Most importantly a “Makes Me Think” Community Section where Users are motivated to share Twitter-like short snippets from their lives that are either Sad, Happy or Inspiring.
A public Chat is also roughly implemented, allowing posting of public chat messages.
A Forum is roughly implemented, currently allowed every user to have his own tiny blog.
More features are coming when they are ready.

The time has finally come to allow everyone to come on board.
Everything is free to use, only a free registration is required. I guarantee you I won’t spam you. I just want to build a happy and social community.

I do appreciate detailed feedback, including constructive criticism.

Please come on board and share your small personal stories of hope and joy.

Wow it was nice to go back to 90s for a few minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

I like to believe this is not a serious project at this point. It is good if you learned stuff on the way.

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Thanks for your feedback, I just want more precise feedback.
Is the green color the problem or the design itself?
I take your reference to the 90s was sarcastic and you mean my App is ugly?
If you give me precise info about what would be better than you’ll see me do updates quickly.

I do love the green color and I think it gives the App a much more natural look.

To explain: the Makes Me Think Section is meant to allow people to share short stories from their lifes so we can share joy, insights and everything.
It’s like Twitter but heart-felt.
I agree that the website is in early stages, but the Makes Me Think section can already be used.

You are right. Sorry for the sarcastic comment. Here are my serious comments:

  • The UI is outdated. Without a modern UI, people wouldn’t use this. I have clicked here and there, nothing is clear on the UI front. There is no way this registration screen belongs to a serious project:
  • What is happening is not clear? What does this page provide? It should be clear on the homepage (after design is updated of course).
  • There are stuff that are leaking to the end user. See the missing element in the timer:
    • image

I would go on more but again I like to think this is a project where you learn how to bubble. I think take this experience you had while producing this and attack a more modern version before releasing.

I agree the design is subjective but when it comes to web apps that people will use, there are some certain expectations from the web apps we use daily.

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Ok hergin, thanks for your more constructive comment.
I’ll invest time into crafting a more modern green design.
I do agree that my App does not have the elements of other modern Apps. I’ll see what I can implement.
In time this App is going to be ever more filled with tools and ever more refined.
Today is just the beginning.

I have made several updates.

I have updated the Landing Page to be more precise and look more modern.

Currently the App is focussed entirely on the Makes Me Think Section, because I think that simplicity and focus make it easier for the users to grasp what the purpose of the App is.

I have managed to implement more modern lists for the “Makes Me Think” Stories.

Personally my preference for the next feature is a Chat, which is already established, I just need to modernize it and make it visible.

I have kept the green color because the White color burns my eyes.

I do appreciate constructive feedback: clearly say what you dislike.
Thanks to hergin for pushing me to think about how to create modern lists.

Unfortunately you’re in the minority.

I would recommend looking at this course (Flexcamp: Master responsive design in Bubble - unaffiliated), or using a UI library to craft good looking pages

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Hi there,

For UI/UX, the best thing I’d recommend is to look at what other similar popular apps and websites look like. How do they function? What color palettes are attractive and easy to read? There’s also some great references of UI design on .

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Okay, here’s an obvious example:

You have a slider for a scrollbar. There’s a good reason no reasonable website has done this, ever. We scroll with mouse, not click.

Check these green heavy designs for inspiration: Top 70 Awe-Inspiring Green Websites (+ Color Schemes) - Magezon


Ok, Time to say Goodbye.
The reason I am leaving is because other No-Code Platforms make it much easier to create a good design.

You get constructive criticism and you say you’re going to leave? Sounds like the other platforms are certainly going to be a bust too if you give up that quickly. The other sites are not going to give you as much flexibility, nor will you find something in comparison to what you made unless you find it on the GeoCities archive.

Don’t give up. Anything new takes time and something as flexible as Bubble will seem daunting at first. No other No-Code builder can match what you can build in Bubble.

If you’re struggling with design check out the templates, get some free ones and analyze how they built it. Once you get the hang of the Bubble editor, design is all about referencing and taking inspiration from other designs.