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Hi best-community-in-the-world.

Has anyone tried to make something like- an automatic bidding workflow if current user is outbid on an aution item?

Let’s say there is an auction item created by a user.

Other users can bid and outbid eachother until the timer ends.

I want to be able to let them create a little bot on each aution item that lets the users that bids set a stoploss sum (for highest they can go), set an hourly interval between 1-24 hours after being outbid then a percentage to set the outbidding based on the current bid. to e.g +1%, or 2%.

I can make the workflow to do this once, but not everytime the user is outbid. This would be so cool to do!

Any ideas? :smiley:


From your description, I don’t see any impediments.
(The constraint you might have is the type of Bubble account to which you subscribe. Only the Team and Production ones let you schedule workflows daily.)

Marginally related:

I’ve once worked at a auction platform (née FreeMarkets, now Ariba/SAP) and let me share some of the criticism we used to get from some users:

So you’re saying you’re building a bot where I can tell you my best bid?! You, the company that has a vested interest in having the lowest possible bid!? Why on Earth would I do that?!*”
Needless, to say, it was hardly ever a winning conversation and that feature was hardly ever used.

*. it was a reverse auction site

Hi @rico.trevisan and thanks for replying! It’s actually a reverse auction this one too. But I dont have any interest in knowing their lowest bids, it’s going to be subscription based so I dont really care :smiley: I thought it could be a premium feature at least.

I only have it on personal at the moment.

But how would you proceed to create one like this? Api workflow or recurring? What is the starting point and how to tell the bot when the user has been outbid among many other users?

I’d sketch something like this:

  1. you already have a workflow that records bids, correct? Add a step to trigger an API that notifies the other bidders.

  2. if one of those bidders watching has the autobid function turned on and the value of that autobid is higher than the current auction’s bid, then it schedules a bid for 24 hours (or whatever value is set).

  3. in that scheduled bidding, that workflow needs to check if the bid it will do is still higher than the current highest.

  4. Or when there’s another bid before the autobid has made its bid, the notification workflow should cancel the previously schedule autobid and try to schedule a new one.

There are a lot of edge cases to think of, but just start with a tiny little case and go step by step from there.

@rico.trevisan Thanks a lot! I will use this as a guidance to building it out. Thanks again for taking the time to go through the steps! :smile:


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