Making a native app

I’m sure this question has been asked before, but I’ve never seen a conclusive reply.
I plan on making solely a mobile app (website not needed initially), and after reading around, I realised bubble isn’t made for making mobile apps, and that I’d need a wrapper of some sorts, but apparently that doesn’t give the full mobile experience.
This brings me to my question, what is the most cost effective way to make an app with no code? I’d love to use bubble as it has a lot more leeway for complexity, but if it isn’t possible to get a fully native app through bubble, what else/other software would you recommend?

Hi @piratea74,
check out ex. Adalo or Glide.

Have heard of them, currently checking them out. But just to speed things up, would you consider that adalo has as much utility/potential for complexity in its features as bubble? Thanks

For the most part, no.
But it really depends on the features you need :slight_smile:
I found an article with a comparison between Adalo and Bubble, it might be helpful

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BTW Have you checked the BDK service for wrapping the Bubble app?

Thanks a lot and no I haven’t actually

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