Making a online ordering system

So basically I’m trying to make a system that users can order food online and there order sends to the restaurant. I have been looking up of how to make one with bubble but I see of how to make a marketplace. Could somebody help me because I would appreciate that.

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Hi @wths ,

You’ll need a few things:

  1. Data types for menu items, order line items (to define a quantity per menu item and calculate total per item), and a shopping cart (or “order” once submitted) to collect a list of order line items and total it all up

  2. Sending data to restaurant depends on how integrated they’ll be with your app:

  • To send to their own system, you’ll need an API connection to the restaurant’s online ordering system if they have one. You can use the API Connector plugin for this. They should offer a REST API.

  • If restaurants are taking orders directly from your app, then they should be signed up as users or “sellers” in your marketplace. Any orders placed would be linked to whichever restaurant the customer is ordering from. From there, you can display that data to the restaurant user in a dashboard page.

  1. An integration with a payment gateway. I highly recommend Stripe for this. This will allow customer users to pay seller (restaurant) users and you can take a fee out of each transaction.

This is high-level, but hopefully will help you move forward!


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do you have screenshots that maybe could help so I better understand of how to do it?

I recommend you take some lessons on Bubble. @romanmg has some good ones, and others offer good ones as well. What you’re asking can’t be explained in just a few screenshots and would be quite a bit of work to do so.

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