Making an element/group move up if other element's height is reduced


I am trying to get a group move up (reduce its Y) when height of element above it is reduced.

This image depicts what I want and what’s happening.

From this thread I understand that this probably would be solved if Group B and Group C are not part of Group A. But the way Bubble works with respect to responsive and other alignments, grouping is very very essential to make things work.

Is there a better way to achieve what I want to?



Your group B should have the Item2 in its own group…make that group collapse height when element is not visible. Then set the conditionals to make the group not visible the same as you already have for item2. Make sure your groupB also has collapse height when not visible checked.

Thanks. I had mentioned Item1, Item2 etc. for simplicity. Actually I already have them as groups which have various elements in them.

But it doesn’t seem to work. Have you seen it working in your similar cases?

Also, I am having similar issues with width right now. I have mentioned it in this thread. Would be great to have your views on that too.

(I have already tried putting elements in groups in various combinations along with different settings, alignments etc. Not sure which combination am I missing).

Glad to share that solution you suggested has worked. I think there was some other thing wrong with my structure which got fixed while I was tinkering.

Thanks again!