Move groups down to show another group

Hiya there,

i was wondering how it’d be possible to make a group move down as a response to another group being visible.

For example, I want to show a group within the red box, but only under certain circumstances. So how would I make it so that the other elements move down to make space for the new group?


Hello. Have a look at this short screen cast:

As soon as you sent this I saw the property by chance, aha. Cheers!


Just finished off designing the page, I have enabled the option but it doesn’t seem to be working.

This works in other parts of my site so I am confused.

bump :grimacing:

I’m assuming that you’ve activated “collapse element’s height when hidden” per the screen cast that was shared. You would have to share additional screen shots of your set up to assess further. Or even better read access to your app.

View access.

Try this for starters:
Put the 2 groups Incident and Current Incidents into a new group. Make that new group collapsible.

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Works! Thank you!

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Great, glad it worked out.

It’s probably clear from the solution, but the issue was that Group’s G and E on the left were still visible at the page level. So Current Incidents couldn’t move up the page. Putting those 2 groups into a new group allow them to behave the way you want independent of those 2 left groups as the new group is at the page level in totality.

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