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Making an icon or image floating

Is it possible to have an icon or image floating without using the floating group, wanna use it as a reusable element throughout all pages

why cant you use a floating group as reusable?, open the reusable element, grab the floating group that’s inside the reusable element (just click in the grey a few times) and make its type floating group and make sure its not set to “nothing” as floating reference…

Very messy job, i created a new reusable element from scratch, the reusable element editor canvas is a square that had to be resized to the icon i want to use which is a circle, then i had to grab a floating element which is also a square to fit in the reusable element editor canvas, then bring in the icon.

I only wanted to make an icon float, and reuse it on all pages, no easier way to do it?

acually, create the reusable element then delete all the contents and then make its type floating group and make sure its not set to “nothing” as floating reference. set the background to empty then drop in the icon… then manually change the roundness alot more than 20… probably about the best your going to get.

the red boarder is outside of the repeating group when i set the roundness to 100. just dont forget to set it to fixed width so it doesn’t stretch.

what do u mean “delete the content”?

I noticed when i turned a floating group with an icon in it into a repeating group that an extra group or layer some how made it in there. Better way of saying this would be to create a reusable icon and set the reusable layer behind the icon to floating group.