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Making changes to a List of Things with constraint


I have a repeating group within a repeating group, each with a different type of content. I’m trying to make changes to a List of Things and place a constraint on the change.

When BOOK is clicked I want to add the Current Cell user to the Gig’s BOOKED list but also based on the Gig’s Project Title/Unique ID. Here’s the link:

Is this possible the way I’ve set up my database? Any ideas?

I had a look at your Data structure. Under User, I didn’t see any List of Things. In order to link the data to each user, I think you need to have a List of Things as a field in the User Thing.

Also, under Gig, you have a List of Users. I don’t think that’s right.

And finally, as for creating the secondary link, to start with, it might be simpler to place the secondary Repeating Group outside of the primary Repeating Group.

Hopefully, if I’m wrong, someone will correct me. I’m new here as well.

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I have modified your app so that the inner RG is within a Group, and the Group is set to type Gig = current cells Gig.

Think you just want to modify the current cells Gig (don’t really see why you need the make changes to a list) then just use the Group’s Gig.


This is what I needed. Thanks. You rock!