Users report app update but nothing was pushed

How can I troubleshoot the following issue: I just got different users approaching me with questions about the app being refreshed even though I didn’t push an update.

The current live version was pushed December 23. The only thing that happened just now that is out of the ordinary is me creating things in the live database through the editor.

Is there any way to check what happened? I can vaguely recall something similar happening a long time ago, but this hasn’t occurred since.

edit, I just learned that the app refreshed at least 5 times in the last 1-2 weeks. Noone else experiencing similar issues? It is hard to figure out unless you’re seeing it yourself by accident or your users report it.

I’ve had something similar happen in dev mode, I had just turned on my computer, I opened a tab and chose my app, hit preview, and the message popped. Not the exact same thing, but similar error.

Have had this before, and have always assumed it is some sort of Bubble driven update.

One user reported another refresh screen 10 minutes ago.

@emmanuel do you need me to file a bug report? This is quite concerning.

solved with Bubble support.

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