Making choice options unavailable based on database data

I’m trying to build a form for signing up for a meeting on one of 6 different dates. Each date has a slot limit and I’m trying to make a particular option unavailable, if the amount of applicants signed up for a particular date exceeds X.
I tried dropdown, radio, but none of these allow me to make a particular choice unavailable based on that condition. I also tried to use a separate button for each date but that is completely inefficient in a long term.
In the database, I’d like to save name, email and the date. If there’s more than 30 participants for one of 6 dates, the date becomes inactive in the list.
Could you please advise how I could do that?

The easiest way would be to use, say, a dropdown and have it load a dynamic list of dates. Then, to show the correct dates, so a search for dates where # attendees < 30. This way, if one of the dates has 30 or more attendees, it won’t be listed.

Lots of other ways to implement this as well.

Thank you @sridharan.s! I’ll play around with that direction
Its my first day playing with bubble so I’m not aware of all of the options yet.

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Sounds like you’re making great progress for your first day!

I want to same way as you re project did you find a good solution ?