Need help for a marketplace

Hi everyone!

I’m new to bubble and I need your help.

I’d like to create a marketplace where users can creates events on one side and others can book to the event.

Do you guys know:

  1. how to have only a certain number of “seats available” then display the event as full when all of these are booked?

  2. how to display the event as no more available if the date of the event is in the past?

Thanks a lot

Hey @federico.asperges,

Welcome to the Bubble Community!

Yes! Have a field in your database that counts the users attending the event, then have a max attendees number, and to display that it’s full simply make a conditional that when the amount of people attending is equal to or less than the max amount

Have an event date field and make a conditional where when the event date is greater than the current date/time make it disappear, non-clickable or whatever…


Thanks @johnny !! I’ll try

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