Making cool dropdowns

Hey all,

I was wondering how to effectively make cool menus.

By effectively, I mean doing it in a way that is easy to manage without too many elements or states involved.

I want to have a menu which changes the colour when hovered, or stays a certain colour when pressed. And then once the button is pressed, do I need to set custom states to show different elements based on what menu button is pressed?

What is the simplest way to build something like this?

Not sure if that made sense but happy with any help.


IF you don’t wan’t to use a plugin, you can consider using RG and do something using Group and conditionnal state

which plugins would you suggest?

My Selectize plugin have lot of options, but to have the same layout, you will need to use custom HTML.

You say you want to create a menu. Normally menu doesn’t have a lot of options. RG could be a good option or just a group with subgroup for each menu item?