Repeating group - Locked one row


I am in the case where I have to click on a line in a repeating group and make the other lines of this repeating group non-clickable, is this possible natively in Bubble or do you need a plugin?


Hey @axeldor67, you can group the elements together for each row of the repeating group and set a condition to make them non-clickable. Do you have any more details about your problem?

Hope that helps.

  1. Make a custom state on your repeating group, call it “Selected item”.
  2. Make the type the same as your repeating group type.
  3. When they click on a row make the workflow Set State of an element, pick your repeating group and pick “Selected item”, and set it to Current cell's Thing
  4. Add conditional on your row and make the Only when statement Repeating group's Selected Item is not Current cell's [thing] and Repeating group's Selected Item is not empty. And add the property “this element isn’t clickable” and check yes.

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