Making lists that give user approved or denied page

I want to make an “approved” list and a “denied” list. When the user does a search, if the item is on the approved list, they see the approved screen. If the item isn’t on either list, they get the error page. That can be done here right? If you can walk me through doing it once I should be able to do the rest.

Also, since it’s a native app it looks like I have to make it in Dropsource and somehow link it to the lists I make here. Right?

Can you give us the editor link

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can i get some help i was wondering how can i make a signup page so when the user signup they have to be approved by an admin thanks.

Thats easy! Just make it so that when people make accounts there approved status (Yes/NO) type is no and make it so that they cannot use specific pages when its no. Then you, the admin can make it so you change it