Making mobile redirect conditional?

Hello everybody. I have a mobile and a desktop version of my app with a redirect to the mobile version.

The mobile version is more lightweight and quick to load. The problem is that I would like advanced mobile users to choose to go to the desktop version.

Have anyone found a way to make the redirect to the mobile site conditional?

(I know I could make a workflow on the desktop-page instead of redirect using the “mobile version” checkbox, but that would be much slower as the desktop page need to be loaded before the redirect would trigger.)

Is the page in question your Index page?

No, it is my main page that you arrive to after login

ah, then can you use a conditional based on page width?

Yes, but the only way I could think of is making a redirect workflow “on page load”, but I think that is slower than using the “mobile version” redirect as my desktop page is quite heavy.

Right, but that’s why i asked the initial question. Since its not your Index page, then maybe you can apply the conditional on the login process (and not page load of your main page).

Thanks @SerPounce , you are probably right. If someone has found another way it would be interesting to hear.

Maybe it is possible to add a clever Javascript to the header or something?

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the browser plugin might give you information regarding if the user is on mobile or not…not 100% sure as I haven’t needed to use it for that

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 8.38.55 PM

I feel like the ‘get user agent of a browser’ or the ‘get the platform of a browser’ might be able to detect if it is mobile of not…idk