Making story app more interactive

Looking for help on how to make changes to a users data as they navigate page to page. I am making a choose your own adventure style app. I want there to be resources the reader can use through the story. For example: they are a cowboy and they have a 6 shooter. If the reader chooses to shoot something I want their bullet count to go down and if it is 0 then they cannot shoot. I’m looking to add other fields as well; health, magic, luck etc… I figure if I know how to do one field I’ll be able to do the others. At the end of each chapter I want to be able to tally these resources and give the reader a score which will influence how many new chapters they will be able to unlock at one time. I’ve looked at several teaching videos, but they all focus on more complex, corporate applications than I need. I have a feeling the solution is probably easy, but I’m a bit of a dummy.

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