Managing uploads

Is there anyway I can set up an area where a user can delete their uploads and see how much space they have available? Also can I put a limit on the users uploads say 500mb per user?

Just giving back as you were good enough to comment on my gear…

I do just that in my app…here is my approach:

  1. add a number field in your DB for the file thing or what ever
  2. add a number filed in you DB for the user.
  3. when a file is upload you need to get the bytes size via JS and add that to ‘1’ in your wf
  4. then take the current number in ‘2’ and + ‘1’ in your wf…
  5. When deleting…just reverse that
  6. i show this as a gauge in the users account/dashboard…so they know their usage

when a user attempts upload… check their current number in ‘2’ and show a msg,disable or allow etc

in a RG simply show your uploads and their uploaded file size…i also show MIME, thumbnail etc…i also show audio length, video length …image size etc or whatever is important

Bubble native file up-loader does not support detection for the size so you’ll need to go the java script route or plugin

Hey Tim,
Thanks for the response, I’ll try this over the weekend, sounds like it shouldn’t be too difficult to be honest. I was hoping there was something built in like a file manager for the front end users before I dedicated any time to the manual approach.
Thanks for the assistance!

Hi. When/where did you run the js? Many Thanks!