Manipulate Custom State list of data

Currently, I have a Repeating Group within the website which contains an Input Field. And on Updating the text in the input field the data will we added to the Custom State and its working perfectly fine. But when I want to update the specific input field data in the Repeating Group instead of updating the data present in the Custom State it is adding a new entry within the list.
Is there any way to remove the data that is present in the list with the updated text.
Screenshot from 2023-07-13 13-29-50
Screenshot from 2023-07-13 13-29-23
Screenshot from 2023-07-13 13-28-59

When I Change the text for that Input field i want only that previous data from the Custom State Should be updated.

You can’t change an existing text… so you just need to replace it instead…

i.e. remove the specific existing text first… then add the new one.

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