Update input value in custom state list

Hello I am using a custom state to create a separate list of meds by the user selecting a check box. I have a dose amount in the original RG that is pulling the stored value for this medication from the database.

What I am trying to accomplish is if a dose amount is changed in the original RG I want the custom state list to update the input so when I create a new thing in the medication log it will show the updated input amount, not the value stored in the database for this medication.

Here is a screen shot of where I made a dose correction on the original RG from 8 → 5 and it is showing in the Custom State list still as 8 not the updated amount in the input.

Here is how I have it currently setup. I figured I would be able to use the original inputs value as a way to update the custom state input but it is not available to select in the initial content for the custom state RG.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



@allen.archuletajr Hello, did you find a solution on this one ? I’m on the same thing

No I didn’t. I did a work around where I put a “take med” button that creates a thing each time it’s pushed and hides until the next day

have you done the workflow for changing the database?

The best option is to use a plugin to extract information out of your repeating group. You can check “Repeating Group Tool” (by BDK) or “Orchestra” (by Vini Brito). Both are very good and will do exactly what you need to.

I use the Repeating Group Tool (that is paid). Orchestra is free.

Repeating Group Tool: