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Update input value in custom state list

Hello I am using a custom state to create a separate list of meds by the user selecting a check box. I have a dose amount in the original RG that is pulling the stored value for this medication from the database.

What I am trying to accomplish is if a dose amount is changed in the original RG I want the custom state list to update the input so when I create a new thing in the medication log it will show the updated input amount, not the value stored in the database for this medication.

Here is a screen shot of where I made a dose correction on the original RG from 8 → 5 and it is showing in the Custom State list still as 8 not the updated amount in the input.

Here is how I have it currently setup. I figured I would be able to use the original inputs value as a way to update the custom state input but it is not available to select in the initial content for the custom state RG.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.