How to update values of text list custom state from values in a repeating group

The actual use case is much more complex, but here’s a digest of the question.
There is a “sample pupup” with with one custom state “source” (text list).

There is a repeating group with one input field

When page loaded, “sample” gets populated from “sample source”.

The result is a popup form with two values “abc” and “123”.


When I change the values in the form and press “save”, the intent would be to change the values of custom state “sample” using a work flow.

Nothing happens. Please help.

HI @seedling,

Here, since the changes you are making are in input, repeating group’s source is still the same. (i.e. abc;123)

The input’s value are not available outside of the repeating group. So, instead something you could try is to change the state whenever the value of input is changed.

Hope this helps!

Just to get my head around this … you have a text abc;123

In the repeating group, you want to split that out into two rows of inputs with default text…


…then when they hit save you want to put it back together again as abc;123 (or whatever they have changed it to)?

I tried a workflow with any change on input. Still the same. Nothing happens.

NigelG, I am splitting abc;123 to text list just to quickly set up the list for test.
The gist is my inability to change the values in that list once when I change them in the inputs of the repeating view.

So I think what you are saying is that if you change abc in the input, it will change the abc in the state?

Is that right?

You probably want a list of things (records) rather than a list of texts.

Profile - NigelG - Bubble Forum Real use case is much more complex. There’s no such thing. I am struggling with the fact that I can very simply show the content of the text list custom state in the repeating group, but not at all the other way around, like change its value from the repeating group.

Correction: There is no such “thing”.

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