In need of help with advanced Map functions

I need help with an advanced function for a map. I have created a map with pins that show all the properties that we have invested in across the US. I have created three filters for the properties (Fund #, property type, deal status).

I want someone help me add in a feature where once you click on a property pin, a box pops up that has a picture of the property and a little text description. Here is an example of what I am trying to replicate:

Hey @abarati,

Edit: Just noticed this was in Freelance. If you want me to do it, send me a PM. I’ll leave up my original post though.

I recently did something like this for my app. Instead of using the marker caption, go to your Workflow → Click here to add an event → Elements → A maps marker is clicked. Then have it Adjust zoom of the map, centered on the marker location. Then have a pop-up appear that contains the pictures and text you want to include.

I included a screenshot of what it looks like and of my workflow.


Hope that helps!

Yes that’s the way to do it in bubble.

@abarati If you looking for a more customized experiance message me.

Please check PM

Please check PM

I am unable to send you a private message. Can you please message me so that we can get in contact asap? Thank you!