Map displays wrong current geographic position


I want to show all restaurants around the current users (not logged in) location. When I preview this, though, it shows restaurant around some location in Northwest USA, instead of in Berlin, Germany, where I am location. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Best, René

Hi, @rene.van.olst did your browser ask for permissions to location when you test?

Hi @josemansilva, I didn’t as I had the permission on allow, but after your suggestion I also tried with asking for permission, unfortunately with the same result. I also tried clearing cache, also didn’t help. Any ideas?

Try without the google places plugin first, do a test only with the bubbe geografic position first

This indeed displays my current location correctly. Any idea how I can also get it to work with the Places plugin?

Are you using the Bubble Plugin or another one ?

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