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Mapbox plugin for bubble

Is there a Mapbox display plugin? I want to be able to have it displayed on the site and for the user to activate its navigation.


With your map box plugin, is it possible to show routing as a DIRECT (straight line) route?



I.e. from one point to the other, as if you were flying the route, vs driving as it’s shown in your demo?

Hello @JustinC

Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create a route as a straight line .

Zeroqode Team.

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Hi @JustinC !

I’m currently building a plugin of MapBox with maybe 75% of MapBox features + the implementation of the MapBox community plugin (turf for area calculation, point in polygon… MapBox GL Draw to allow the user drawing on a map… and more and more).

In relation to your request, do you need to display the current user position/or realtime location on the line ?

I have a little bit of work left (maybe 1 week). Would you like to test it once i have finished ? you can tell me if you notice bugs.


Sounds great @maxime12

What I’m after is a straight/direct line between two or more points (a list of lats/longs or geo addresses) to create a direct route on the page as if you were to fly it with an airplane vs. driving.

Sounds promising, any news on your mapbox plugin ?

How have you got on with completing this plug-in?

@maxime12 did you finish your plugin yet? I’m looking for a point-in-polygon analyzer

@maxime12 did you ever get around to finishing this? Would be great to have a look.