Markdown in Bubble

I was thinking in making some documents heavy application, so is it possible to implement markdown as a rich text input option, and rendering?

Markdown is a beautiful way to create and display any kind of document.

It’s incredible fast, have a test

More info here, here and here, and some Js packages here, here and here.


csfalcao have tried webmerge or the SelectPDF plugin?

@csfalcao, this is something I had thought about as well for an app idea… Hopefully it can be done down the road and that would be great.

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I think both Webmerge and SelectPDF are great to export documents, but my main use was display manuals and documentation in HTML

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2nd this as I’m exploring outside CMS and wanting a faster way to style content when pulling back into Bubble.

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Anybody have ideas on this, especially since plugins are now live?

I’d just like to add that I use markdown all of the time and would love to see it incorporated into Bubble.

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Looking around I found this Medium Editor on Github, which is pretty impressive and looks easy to add since the javascript can just be called in Head. But it also has add-ons including one for Markdown. I have no javascript skills to make a plugin, but this would be a good way to up the editing game of Bubble with a few options.


I need to work out a way to translate the Bubble line feeds, but this is a pretty simple Bubble Markdown editor.

It uses a Node function to convert markdown to HTML.

I did a find and replace using a regex to replace line breaks with <br> so looks like it now works.

Nice, though it looks like only a few types of Markdown work, like bold, but not headings. Is there a way to access your example and see how you did this?

I implemented the Medium editor without issue in an Html block on Bubble. I just called the script via CDN in my head on the page and used the div tags in the html block. The issue is there is no way to save that content.

I tried to figure out how to do it in a text block, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the div tags wrapping the text area to call the editor. Any tips?

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Hi, I know it’s been over a year, but replacing line breaks using regex is exactly what I’m trying to do right now and can’t get to work. Any way you could share the syntax you used to do this?

@csfalcao @1984labrat

:wave: I actually just released the first version of my plugin Markdown Plus which supports Markdown as a way to display formatted HTML.

You can check out the thread I made earlier here: 🔥 Markdown Text Editor - Add the power of Markdown to your app

Is this something you’re looking for? I plan on building out more functionality going forward and would love to get your thoughts on it if this is something that would meet the needs of your app.

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