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Medium-like Editor (or similar) Would Be Awesome

I just stumbled across this editor. I think a Medium like WYSIWYG editor would be a great addition to Bubble. This is probably solved once custom Javascript is added.


I’m similarly looking forward to the ability to add new elements. The rich-text editor in particular is tough to put in a real app, as you can’t style the buttons and such. Sticks out like a sore thumb!


In the meantime, I would say about 80-90% of Medium’s editor can be replicated in Bubble. It’s possible to make it visually identical, but I couldn’t recreate some of the really minor details. For example, it’s not as seamless inputting links, so an alternate solution is needed for that.

Any chance you could publish yours as a template? I know that I’d love to use something like that, and I’m sure many others in the community would as well. seems like a very good candidate for an element plugin.


Medium has an API. Publish to both via bubble and get better SEO?

I’ve redesigned its look and functionality such that it doesn’t exactly resemble the Medium editor as much anymore, so it would take some time to package it into something presentable as a standalone template.

Ok, no worries.

We could make this but the only issues is that, use cannot upload images directly. You need a URL :frowning: Thats not user friendly. Other suggestion maybe?

Slate would be incredible. Anybody out there looking to add it as a plugin?

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I’d like to suggest to take a look at . It’s a javascript library which can be embedded in any stack. It can be used to compose scientific and mathematical content.

Anyone up for creating an element plugin of Slate, as suggested by Emmanuel? :smiley: