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Marketplace Stripe Plugin re: Paying Another User

Hey there Bubble community,

I’m banging my head against the Stripe plugin to figure out why I keep getting the error message “…payee is empty” when it isn’t.
I have completed Stripe Connect Express and trying to get the payment to go directly from the buyer to the seller with an app fee for my platform.
The ‘cart’ has a RG of multiple items being purchased (all by the same seller, thankfully) so I am referencing that RG’s first item’s ‘seller’ as the payee. It doesn’t create an error in the editor, however, when I run it I get the empty payee error message.
Here are screenshots and thank you in advance.

Has that particular Tutor signed up as a seller with Stripe? Check in your stripe account that that Tutor is a connected account

Could be privacy rules. If you have privacy rules on the data type you use for sellers that could be why it’s coming in as empty.

You are right as you can see from the attached screenshot.
Can you suggest privacy changes to allow this use case?
Thanks for the help.

Yes, it was my test user that I signed up and is connect via stripe.

I think it may be privacy settings based on another comment below. Is that something you’re familiar with?

I don’t use the bubble stripe plugin very often.

In regards to privacy settings - just look at the conditions on the user data type and make sure there isn’t any logic that would stop it from displaying.

If you enable debug mode in step by step mode and inspect the workflow you will get the answer on why the field is empty

I don’t use the Stripe Plugin. I use the Stripe API as it gives total control over how things are setup in your app.

In using the Stripe API I do all the API calls in the backend workflows and use the ‘ignore privacy rules’ feature of backend workflows to enable purchasers to purchase products from sellers whose data are secured through privacy rules.

I can not suggest privacy rules for your use case from a specified standpoint. However, you should attempt to ensure your User data type is secure through privacy rules while still allowing the seller details to be accessible. Otherwise, I’d consider using the API implementation.

Thank you @boston85719 @equibodyapp @nocodeventure for all your help. I hope I can reciprocate sometime.
Have a great new year.

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