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Stripe doesn't recognise Payee Account

I am trying to test my stripe integration in Bubble. I am using Stripe connect as our app allows multiple merchants to sell to their respective customers. I have created a test stripe account to test the integration.

I am using the workflow ‘Charge the Current User’. Every time its called, I get an error message stating “Payee either does not have a stripe account setup or else has a privacy rule blocking access to social networks, which prevents this action from working” I have tried changing the privacy settings for ‘User’ datatype but this does not work. I can confirm I am using a verified test account on my Stripe Dashboard(screenshot attached).
If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

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I’m all of a sudden getting the same error in my testing environment for one of my payees,… did you figure out why this is happening? It works fine with a different payee.

Has anyone figured out how to solve this and can you share please? Grateful