Problems with the Bubble Stripe Plugin

Hey everyone, I’ve been spent about 10 hours on this, but just can’t figure it out. When I attempt to charge a user and have the payee of the transaction another user, I keep getting the error: "Payee either does not have a stripe account setup or else has a privacy rule blocking access to social networks, which prevents this action from working"

I know the payee has an account, so it feels like it’s the second part. How do I access this? Is it on Bubble? Something on Stripe?

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Hey @jeff12 :wave:

I had a similar problem before, glad they give a clear error now. :blush:

The second part is under privacy settings in Bubble. Check out the data tab under privacy to make sure you have the appropriate privacy rules set up for your application.

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, I’ve changed the privacy rules and am still getting the same message. :man_shrugging:

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I would recommend using the Step by Step tool in the debugger to see if maybe the sellers information is not being passed in correctly. There might be a gap somewhere. You should be able to find the issue that way. :blush: