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Marketplace with multiple currencies

Hi everyone;

I’m attempting to build a marketplace that will conduct transactions in multiple currencies.

My question is: should I look to build an identical app for each currency, or can it be done with one app with the currency being attached to the user when they log in?

I presume that would be a more elegant and more efficient solution but any advice would be welcome.

I see the “localize” plug in for multiple languages, so I will investigate attaching a specific language to a user when they log in but I wonder about the currency aspect.

Thanks as always for any guidance.


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…hi all, just wondering if there are any thoughts on this, please?


That will be a pretty intricate operation.

I would recommend having all prices in $USD / seeing as how the American dollar is recognized by the markets as an international currency.

Then build a separate page ( not accessible to your users), that basically acts as a secondary data- base.
You can build a table of all the currencies you are interested in working with and their value in relation to the American dollar.

Then using workflows - you can program the ability for a user to select a different currency - and have the resulting purchase price be a representation of the users selected currency in relation to the USD standard.

The only problem is, you, or possibly someone you hire - will have to update the currency rates basically daily…

I would create for each product a list of PRICES
and each PRICE would be defined by its currency and its value : $40, 35€, etc.

So then when you need to show a price with a specific currency, you do Product’s List of PRICES : FILTERED (Currency = the one selected)

hope it can help

very interesting, thank you.

Clearly, I need to dig a lot deeper into the capabilities of the product…

I appreciate the help very much.