Massive Page Load Speed Improvement?

Hey everyone and @neerja

I have been reading posts here about how the page load speed dramatically slows down when you boost your plan from Personal to Professional. With a huge page size and a page load time with the Personal plan of 15-20 seconds, I just did my first ever boost. To be honest, I’d been putting if off for a couple of months for fear of the worst. How bad would it be? 30 second? 60 seconds?

I boosted, hit page refresh and held my breath.

No… no… surely not… not that… GOOD?

An average of 4 seconds!


So @neerja, did you folks do something to fix the problems people have been reporting?

Yours Happily,
Antony. :slight_smile:


@antony Our engineering team is continually pushing performance improvements as issues are reported by users. If you see more areas where page load, searches, workflows or API calls can be faster, please send Support an email so we can do a performance deep dive for that app.


Hey @neerja, thank you soooo much for such an open approach from Bubble!
A performance deep dive for my app sounds amazing.
I will definitely do that.
Yours Even More Happily,
Antony. :grinning: