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Right now i’m creating some kind of web-forum, let’s say it’s reddit style. For now i’m on free mode - i want to upgrade when the MVP is ready to be shown. Right now my page reloads pretty slow. I’m wondering if speed of loading will significantly change when i go from free mode to cheapest paid plan?

Thanks in advance!

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This honestly will depend on how your database is setup, how much data you are trying to display at once. I highly recommend @petter’s performance guide which teaches you how you might be able to improve the speed of your application.

I honestly don’t think upgrading to the Personal Plan would make a big difference.

Thank you for your honest reply. Do you recommend to read it upfront or finish my solution and then re-built database? To be honest i’m pretty novice, 2 or 3 weeks with bubble at this moment…

Hey @matgaj.96,

I would recommend reading about it, or even skimming it for some small tips and tricks there. It’s easy to fix thing along the way when building compared to when everything is done in my opinion.

Okay. I decided that i will read this right after my project is finished. Why? Because i’m new in Bubble and i don’t want to feel overhelmed by so much new knowledge. I decided that right now i’m learning on myself while developing my project, gaining knowledge on my own and then i will just optimise and re-built it a bit. Anyway - thank you for recommendig this book!

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