Searching Repeating Group with Wildcard

Good Morning Bubblers,

Since “search” is such a general term, an initial search of the forum didn’t turn up anything relevant. So, apologies if

When searching against a Repeating Group, it seems that the search will only return results if a full word matches.

Here’s the result:

Scenario 1:

  • Entering a partial donor name (not a full word) in the “Donor” box, see the results of the search in the repeating group below
  • Zero records returned

Scenario 2:

  • Entering a partial donor name (full word) in the “Donor” box, see the results of the search in the repeating group below

Here’s the desired result:

  • Enter a partial donor name in the “Donor” box, see the results of the search in the repeating group below

Here’s the set up of my Search box for donors:

And the setup of my Repeating Group:

Donor Search setup:




Hi Rob,

You are right, we only do whole-word matching, mostly for technical reasons. We do plan to add partial matching to Bubble, and as more users ask for it, we have to consider the right time to build it.

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After thinking I was doing something wrong with searching - I’m new to this and learning - I found this thread. Now I know it wasn’t me! Could definitely use a wildcard search as often a user can misspell something when entering it and not find it when searched for even when they know it’s there. Makes for a frustrating UX so one up the vote for wildcard search.


I agree. This is very sad news. I’m pretty disappointed in this news. Do you have an ETA on this feature?

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As said in another recent post, were in the middle of a backend upgrade, we’ll see what we can do after (2 months is probably conservative but we’ll see).

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Hey Emmanual

Is there any news on wildcard searches. Just implementing an app with a database of approx 20,000 images that is crying out for wildcard searches.

Hope the backend upgrades have made this now possible?

Keep up the great work. I loooove using Bubble :slight_smile:

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We haven’t had time to look into this yet, a few things to do before that.

Any update on this? This is an absolutely necessary feature!

Bubble team, perhaps you could enable regex here? Would be very powerful.


Might you have snuck this in with the rest of the major updates, @emmanuel ?

No not yet,.

Please count my vote in. I seriously need this too. It’s really important when we have a database on another Bubble account of 15,000+ records and the users really need to be able to do partial word searching.

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Really need this too… Hope this will get some priority. Partial search is a MUST.

Yeah. I was actually quite surprised that this was not available.

Anyway what I do while waiting for a final solution is use a Searchbox for each field I want to search and link the search of the group to the value of the searchbox.

The searchbox has simple “partials” provided you are looking for Robert using “Ro” but not “bert”


  • Searchbox is fixed to one field. You can’t merge several fields.
  • It won’t show Robert if you are typing “bert”
  • It doesn’t search either for the email standard field in user. If you want this you need to copy the standard email content into a text field.
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You can do partial searches by using the :truncated function, and truncating to the number of letters added.

Not ideal, and won’t do the “bert” in Robert.

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+1 in the waiting list of partial search

If it is that important why not build your own ?

So for a given “word” (best to limit this to x characters I would suggest).

Split the work up using :truncated etc so that you have …

football … foo, oot, otb tba, bal, all

And create a searchable index for each of these, so that a search for “bal” also brings back balloon as well as football.

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Add my name to the waiting list. partial search is a critical feature.

Year ago… how about partial search now? What with your promises?

Same here, waiting for this feature