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Matching Pop Up to Cell In Repeating Group


I’ve been trying to find a solution to this for the past day or so and still can’t get this to work.

Does anyone know how to match images in a pop up slideshow to a specific slideshow in a repeating group?

Link to my project:

The idea is that the user clicks on a button called “Expand” in a cell within the repeating group and a pop up appears displaying a slideshow (called Slideshow A). Below are some screenshots. Since the pop up is a button below a specific slideshow (called Carousel A) in the repeating group, I want it to display only the images from Carousel A in the cell of the repeating group. Currently my pop up is populating the slideshow (Slideshow A) with ALL images displayed in the entire search result.

I think my issue has has something to do with my Data Source but I don’t see an option to use “Current Cell’s Image List” like I do in the repeated group where Carousel A (the slideshow in the repeating group) is. Is there a different option to select in the pop up to to match the images to the exact cell the Expand button is in every time it is clicked and opened? Or does this need to be matched in the workflow OR is there a completely different way I should be going about the pop up altogether?

Here’s what the pop up carousel (Slideshow A) is assigned as its data source and here’s what the repeating group slideshow (Carousel A) is assigned as its data source :

Any help is very much appreciated!!

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