Material Icons Not displaying on slow connections


I have read through the forum and seen a few bug report posts about the material icon plugin not displaying the icon but instead a default text. Apparently, this happens when the connection speed is slow.

Has anybody found a viable work around? Any solutions so that the icons will always be shown, no matter the connection speed or browser would be appreciated.

I’ve thought about using images of icons that I would have created by a designer, but want to check with other people to see what they have done that works consistently before I spend all the time to replace every single icon in the app.


I have the same pb. Didn’t Knew there were a link with the connection speed, it could explain it but still doesn’t have a solution on this ?

@chimeresompare I never got a response on this issue. I made a bug report and a follow up email on the subject but haven’t gotten word on the issue since. My assumption is that it is not a bug since it has not been addressed.

I’ve seen some people using code for icons, which is something I might explore, or having somebody create icons for my specific app and display them as images.

Maybe you can take a look at The Noun project to gather your own icon set as images.

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