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Math.js API connector error messages

I’m using math.js to calculate the total amount of certain fields. The result seems to be correct but still I get some errors in the debugger mode. please see the screenshots for the API configuration and the error message. @georgeciobanu can you help please?

Hi Levon,

We’ll look at this and get back to you.

Give it a shot - should work now.

Hey I’m running into a similar issue using math.js.

I’m using an API call to calculate a very simple formula (works initially), but the API call breaks after a short amount of time, returning a null value. Not really quite sure what is going on.

Here is the formula I am trying to calculate.

And this is the error I get during debugging after a while. Usually if i’ve logged out of my current bubble session and returned an hour later or so.

Any insight into what I could be doing wrong?

Am quite new to Bubble so apologies if it’s something basic!


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Nevermind. Solved it - not a problem with math.js, but rather how I was storing values. Thanks anyway!