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Meeting Request - How to set status?

Hi Bubblers

I’m using Bubble since a few days and I can’t figure out what is below.

I want to create a meeting request functionality between User.

User can ask to an other user -> Id like to meet.
Then the other user would receive the meeting request and will be able to accept or declined.

So i created a thing that has different field :

  • User sending the request (user)
  • User receiving the request (user)
  • Date (date)
  • place (adress)

Everything is fine with it.

What I am struggling to do is to create a Statut field with different field :

  • Pending
  • Accepted
  • Denied.

So every meeting request would have a status depending on what the user that received the request has done.
I know I will then have to make some different workflows with custom things… And this is not what I’m asking.
But here I’m looking for the very basic thing to create a status field with the 3 different options…

I am sure this is pretty simple but I am looking for it for hours and can’t find…
I will need it to display then on a profile personnal pages :
Here’s the list of pending meeting request, here’s the list of next meeting… and so on…

Help would be much appreciated !

Nobody can help on this ?

Just create a data type (yes/no) for each of them eg data type (is pending) yes or no and so on.

Thanks !
I was thinking to do it this way but it’s kind of unlogic to me…
As I will then have to define a lot of custom conditions to make it work properly.

As soon as the request will go to “accepted” -> yes. I will need to say if this is yes, the two others has to change to become “no”.
So I guess it will be a lot of data changed for something that could be easier… but maybe I’m wrong ?

I was looking for something that allowed me to define these 3 custom possibilities for this field and it could be only one at a time…
Something like when you define a dropdown in the editor.

Any ideas ?

There a Quick way to change the Status using the 3 data type

Well !
Thank you, that’s perfect and exactly what I was looking for !