Issues changing a data things item

In my employee application, users can submit time off request, i am struggling to make the function work to were the user can cancel there request, it stays in the time off database table but the status gets changed from pending or approved to cancelled.

Help, I am stuck, I’ve used the lesson of saving data to a user to help, but hitting the brick wall on this

The repeating lists the user currently requested time off displaying its status whether pending, approved, or denied. I want to have the user click the delete icon, and all it does is change the status from its current status to cancelled.

I am wondering if it would be best to pass the request info to a popup that displays the data with a disabled input that has the value cancelled in it for the user to confirm cancelation of the request?

Any suggestions???

The status you are using is a custom state or its a database field ?

If I understand this correctly, I think you need to have the Status be a field within the Application datatype, not the user.

User > Application > Status

So a User can have a list of Applications, but each Application can have only one Status.

@robert the thing is the user can have multiple request entries, and no matter the status the entry can be cancelled except those that are all ready cancelled. The cancelled ones need to have the ability to resubmit if they changed mind.

I am still new to Bubble, catching on, still a green horn.

@josemansilva the status is a database field, I just want to be able to change that field of the record.

@robert, @josemansilva, after being away from it for a bit, I tried and got it fixed.

In my workflow I have When Cancel Icon clicked>MakeChangesToThing>CurrentCell’sTimeOff>Status = Cancelled. And now it works. It updates just that particular data field for that record, changes the status from pending to cancel.