Mentor x Founder Booking Website

I am working on building a mentor & founder program in tech, whereby we have a vetted selection of mentors and we make their profiles available for founders to schedule a 30 minute session with.

So the idea being:

  • Mentors are able to go in and provide their availability / schedule
  • Founder goes into the mentor directory and selects the relevant mentor profile
  • Selects a time to meet with the founder (based off the mentor availability)
  • Calendar integrations book out both the founder and mentor
  • After the session takes place, both the founder & mentor receive an email / feedback form to provide feedback on the session

Is this possible?

Yes, there are a lot of templates that already do basically 100% of these functions

Echoing Boston. 100% possible.

A template is one way.

Some folks would avoid templates for many good reasons. Exploring the forum would surface them. Count me in as one of those folks. :smiley:

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