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Repeating group with filter options v to different values

Hi there,

I want to build a repeating group that contains a list of filter options and tie each filter option to a specific thing different from the rest of the filters. Please look at the image below as it looks like exactly what I want to build. How do I go about doing this?

Create an Option Set for eaxample called ‘Filter’ with each filter option being one of the options. Then you can create a custom state on your repeating group that is a list of 'Filter’s. By default it could be whichever filters you want. Then as you click on the different filters you wither add them or remove them from the custom states list. The custom state can always be applied to the repeating group and the group will dynamically update as the custom state changes. So for instance if your repeatingGroup had a search for food where the constraints could be ‘type’ ‘is in’ ‘custom states list’.

You could even make your buttons showing each filter a horizontal repeatingGroup of all the options from the option set and on the button just show ‘current cell’s option’s Display’.

Option sets are great for what you are trying to do but finally to make this work you will need the data type of ‘food’, i’m assuming in your case, to have a type which is not a text but is a ‘Filter’. Again you can name this whatever you need for it to make more sense but hopefully you get the idea.

Here is an example in action:

Here is the example in edit mode:

thanks so much for this!

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