Menu Toggle Bug

Looks like there is some debate on toggle :slight_smile: Please submit a bug report and we can investigate.

Hi Neerja, welcome back :slight_smile: Do you recommend to submit this bug or I wait for the response of the previous bug first?

Thanks, @neerja. Actually, I’m not using toggle in my implementation at all. I simply show the GF when the icon is clicked.

Without my “work-around”, however, the GF flickers (disappears and then reappears immediately), which suggests that clicking the icon when the GF is open is interpreted as follows:

  1. First, the click event is an “outside the GF” click event which dismisses the GF.
  2. Then, the event propagates to the underlying element (icon in my case) and triggers an immediate reopen.

All I’m saying is that it seems once the event is “handled” by dismissing the GF, it should no longer propagate to the underlying element. Thanks :slight_smile: You can submit now. Our team reviews each issue independently.

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I have just submitted the bug. Good luck!

I would add that this behavior is not specific to the “toggle” action. It also happens with a “hide” action, which is why I maintain that it’s really an event propagation issue.

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