Menu with description

Hello everyone!

I’m new to bubble, just getting to grips with all the functionality, but after watching several different videos I’m confused about how to do it right.

I have the following block on my site: on the left is the menu of services, and on the right is a detailed description of each, which changes depending on the selected service on the left.
What should I use for this - option sets or something else? I would be grateful for a detailed explanation of the steps, because I have been trying to figure it out for several days and it is still difficult to understand the logic.

Thank you!

In this case you should use custom states (variables) to set what state are you in, then apply the conditional to show only the right side block based on wich state are you in.

Option sets work more like a global static(manually changed only) data that can be accesed in every page

Thank you very much for your answer and explanation! I will try to do this

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