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Using a side bar menu to load a page element (setting "key" parameter)

HI, I am new and learning to use bubble.
I purchased a template and have been modifying it and would like to add a new menu.

I have create a new menu button called “Services”

then I went to the button workflow and not sure how to use the “send more parameters” feature.
basically, all the other menu seem to have that “send more parameters”

as for my newly created page element “Services” how do I define the “key” so that it will show?

my Service element looks like this

thanks guys, much appreciated

Hi . Welcome to the community.

So, what is happening here is, that every time you click on the menu item, it reloads the page with the additional parameter.

you can check how the parameter works through the url when you preview it. It should seem something like this: websiteurl / app ? debug_mode=true&reports=time

Anything after the ‘?’ is a parameter. the bold part is extra parameter you have sent. Here, reports is the key and time is the value of your key.

Check in the conditions of the groups to see how they react to the respective url parameter.

Once you get the logic they have used, you can replicate the same for the new group.

Hope this helps!

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@nocodelib is right.
I believe the visibility of each tab is conditional, based on the query parameter in the url.
If you’re creating a custom tab/screen here, you can set the conditions accordingly.

A basic example would be:
Group Services : Conditional :
Condition: Get data from URL : key : services is empty
Action: This group is not visible

Condition: Get data from URL : key : services is not empty
Action: This group is visible

In this setup, the ‘Services’ screen will be visible only when the URL parameters contain a value under the ‘services’ key

Hope that helps!

Ranjit | Blur Apps

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Thanks for the insight.
Actually, I am not from an IT background and still trying to figure quite a lot of these stuff.

Initially, I was clueless as to how the parameter setting in the “go to page” coupled with “send additional parameter” would have any logic… or any function at all… and then as you pointed out, “checking the condition of the group, and how they would react to the respective url parameter” didnt make a lot of sense intially, but… managed to see the logic now.

So, seeing that the menu button sent the parameter as services=all
I created the following

and then also created a trigger for services (similiar to other triggers that were already there)

it works perfectly now.

thanks all.

Glad it works perfectly :blush:

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