Merge or not 2 tables almost the same

Hello Bubblers,

I would like some advices concerning the 2 tables of my database on the image below. These 2 transaction tables are almost identical. One is a transaction with clients who do not have access to the app and the other is transactions between users. The transactions between colleagues must be validated by the user receiver.

I was thinking of merging them but since these are the tables that will be used the most in the database. I’m wondering in terms of performance and queries, is it better to merge the tables or to leave them as it is.

My first option would be to merge them since it is the best thing to do in terms of database optimization and when I do a search, I would filter by null or empty field (client / recipient). And take off the option set transactionFor Since this is my first bubble project and while doing some research about bubble I noticed that there are sometimes constraints with queries and database design. That’s why I need your advice.

I’d definitely use just a single datatype for this… but I’d also keep the Option Set field ‘TransactionFor’.

If you haven’t already done so, I’d recommend reading this book on Bubble performance - it will help you to understand the best way to set up your database for things like this:

The Ultimate Guide To Bubble Performance (

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Thanks Adam! I’ll have a look at the book, the content seems very good

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tem gratuito e traduzido?