Merging posts in a social media feed

I’ve built a social media feed where I’ve created a merge of posts created by other users with the posts created by the current user, as has been discussed in other forums:

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 7.29.04 PM

My problem is that the feed stacks the posts, so that all posts created by other users come first, and then the posts created by the current user are all placed together at the very bottom. In other words, if the current user posts something, the post goes to the very bottom of the feed below all of the other users’s posts, which could be hundreds of posts below.

How do I build it so that the posts are all intermingled together chronologically, between both the current user and the other users?

Hi there, @howieseverson… if you want to show posts created by other users and the current user, why are you merging two searches? Can’t you simply do a search for posts (with no constraints) and sort in descending order by creation date?


Hey Mike,

I’m merging the posts in the current user’s network along with the posts from the current user.

If I removed the constraint, all posts from all users would appear. Perhaps there are other search constraints I could use, or another way to go about this?


You could merge current user’s connections with current user in a hidden repeating group (or in a list custom state) and then search for posts created by any users in that merged list.

If you set your repeating group’s data source to a search for posts with no constraints and put this privacy rule in place on the Post data type, you should get the desired result.

I didn’t see the database structure but I think it would be better if you create a family object contains all the family members (type of User) and every post has a family value. So, you can simply filter the post with families.

Thank you for your responses. Adjusting the privacy settings as @mikeloc suggested did the trick!

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