Chat Popup from a Repeating Group

Hi, I am trying to accomplish the ability for a user to open a chat popup from a repeating group. The repeating group type is different than the popup type. My app is a transportation app similar to Uber and I’m trying to give users the ability to message their driver from the repeating group of their rides.
Thanks for any help.

Add a ‘driver’ custom state field to your chat popup.
set chat popup to conversation between user and driver from custom state.
have a button in you RG that sets the driver custom state of chat popup to parent groups rides driver.

Thank you for the response, Nickinbold.
I apologize for the delayed response as I wanted to spend some time trying what you sent. I’m still having difficulty, however.
So, I’m building a booking style app where a passenger may have several bookings that are listed in a RG. Each cell has a chat icon so the passenger can speak with the other user associated with that booking.
Also, once the message is sent it should populate in a chat RG on a chat-portal page for future correspondence.
I’m attaching screenshots to show what I’ve done and thank you in advance for any additional suggestions you may have.

@nickinbold I was finally able to achieve the desired functionality and your advice was a big help. Thank you for the assistance.