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Messenger Text Displaying Empty

I have built a messenger on my app, which was working fine up until a few weeks ago. I can’t seem to fix it and need some help.

The functionality of my chat is very similar to the Messenger that Airdev previously posted on the forum. However, the Message Text from the other participant is returned empty. When inspected, the parent group’s message ID matches an entry in the database, and that entry shows the message’s text in the backend. However, the text on the front end is empty.

At first I thought to retrieve the messenger from an old version of my app, but when pasted in the current version the error still persists. I then copied the current version into the older version, and the error is fixed. So it leads me to believe it is not an error with my programming, but something else specific to my current app, although I’m not sure what.

Any insight would be appreciated. I’m hoping I won’t have to recreate this in the forum app.

have you checked your privacy settings ? it’s a current error when :


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@NicolasDap, you were spot on. I am a bonehead. I forgot about privacy settings. Wish I would have asked weeks ago. Thanks for your help

@csfalcao, thank you.