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Migrate data from DEV to PROD

Hello everybody!

I’m facing a problem with my app and can’t find a way to solve it.

Some users entered to the /version-test/ link of my app and filled some data (some of it relational, some fields are linked to other data fields).
I want to migrate/copy this data to my live version, but without overriding all my Production data. I can export and import, but this assigns a different UUID to each item, so the relations are lost.

Is there any way to migrate/copy/sync this data without overriding live data?

Thank you!

My data relations are structured like this:


  • Post (rel)


  • Form (rel)
  • Created by (user rel)


  • Post (rel)
  • List of Contacts (rel)
  • Created by (user rel)


  • Created by (user rel)

You will have to do it manually.

Start downloading the users DEV. After the download, upload them to PROD. Only the ones you want… Yes, they will have new uniq_ids…

Now, download the users from your PROD database and use their new uniq_id to replace their old uniq_ids in all of your downloaded CSVs from DEV DB. Use excel to do it…

Now all your DEV CSVs will be updated with user’s new uniq_id…

Keep doing this… as I saw, you have only 4 DBs…

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Thank you Rafael! Yes, i did this, but maybe there is a faster/automatic way! maybe parsing the data with Bubble’s API :thinking: